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Rachel Rising #17 – Arthur’s Pick of the Week

“Dead” good stuff “witch” deserves to be read… POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW (SIX FEET BELOW…)

I’ve been a fan of Terry Moore for years, having latched onto the superb Strangers in Paradise about halfway through its run. His sci-fi follow-up Echo was also a great read, and now he’s delving into straight-up horror with the creepy and unsettling Rachel Rising.

The series begins with the titular Rachel having been murdered and buried in a shallow grave in the middle of the woods. She doesn’t let that stop her heading back into town to seek out her friends and family. But this isn’t a zombie comic, despite the central character being positively undead. Rachel is still Rachel. For the most part…

Seventeen issues in and the book remains intriguing, featuring demonic murderous children and priests, ritual sacrifice and reincarnated witches hell-bent on revenge. The different layers and themes of death and coping with death that run throughout the series are fascinating and at times horrifying. It’s a book that’s as dark and mysterious as it is beautiful to look at.

Terry Moore’s art is always gorgeous, and he draws realistic women with more than just his art. His writing focuses on character so deeply that everyone has an individual and recognisable personality from the start, something that made Strangers in Paradise so heartbreaking and makes Rachel Rising occasionally terrifying. The black and white pages really highlight how fantastic his linework is and how effortlessly he distinguishes between characters that a lesser artist might blend together.

Getting hold of issue one is a bit pricey nowadays (with eBay having picked up on the rumours of a tv series in the works), but if you can find the trades for a reasonable price or if you have access to Comixology and want to read them digitally they’re definitely worth your hard-earned money.